Baby Sign Language Learning Workshops

Baby Sign Language Workshops

Parent Workshops

Learn baby sign language skills in an interactive and fun environment. We have two workshops to help you learn both the basics of signing with your child as well as how to teach and use more advances signs.

Introducing the Basics of Baby Sign - Workshop 1

This workshop will give you all you need to start using sign language in your daily routines and activities with your child.

The focus is on making the learning process easy, ensuring that you have some clear guidelines to use.

The workshop is two hours in length. During that time, you are taught when to start signing, how signing is implemented and to recognize when your baby has grasped the concept.

Advanced Signing

Once you have started signing with your child, there is a second workshop to help you get a grasp of the more advanced signs. You will be taught 25+ signs that are useful to us as parents. We'll also give you ideas of how to teach these signs as some are more conceptual.

Additionally we show you how to pick up a standard picture book and use it to teach signs as well as songs and rhymes you can use.

Finally we cover some of the 'speed bumps' in the road to signing that you may hit.

For both these workshops, our Coaches organise Public workshops as well as Private ones for Antenatal or coffee groups.

We currently offer three resource options as part of the workshop fee - see pricing options below. These resource options use the following resources which can be viewed in our online shop.

  • "Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies" by Karyn Warburton

    This is an awesome 156 page book. It's packed with parent's stories, signing photos, hints, tips and a huge sign dictionary. The dictionary is graded complexity wise and catagorised.

  • Laminated Quick Reference Chart

    The Reference Guide contains 45 of the most commonly used signs. Each sign has a brief description and an area to record when your baby first repeats the chosen sign to you. Great to keep in the baby bag or hang on a wall.

Pricing Options

Prices as at 23 August 2013 and are subject to review

To find a current list of workshops click here.

If there is no workshop listed in your area, please contact Robyn and we will see what we can do!

If you are an Organisation interested in holding group Workshops, click here to find out more about Workshops for Organisations.

Parents please note that the price for these workshops are set by the organization and may vary depending on funding. This price may be exclusive of resources which will be available for sale on the day.

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