Baby Sign Language Workshops for Educational Centres

baby toddler mother booksStudies show that toddlers who can sign tend to have better performance in school, higher IQ and learn a wider vocabulary. Many preschool centres are seeing the advantages of employing sign language into their curriculum, not only for the students, but also for the quality of education offered.

Baby Talk offers baby sign language workshop tailored for teaching staff who want to be able to implement signing in their centre.

Our baby sign language workshop is two hours in length and ideally would be delivered to the full teaching team. Whilst Baby Sign is predominantly used within the Under Two section, children still use signs throughout the transition process and beyond.

We have a growing number of Preschools and other Early Childhood Educational establishments implementing the symbols of New Zealand Sign Language into their curriculum. See our signing centres list for more details.

The staff at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Early Childhood Education Centre studied the effect that signing had on the relationships their Under two’s have. If you would like an informal copy of the research, please contact Robyn.

We also have footage of children signing. If you would like a copy of this on CD Rom please contact Robyn.

The cost of a Centre baby sign language workshop for all staff is $350 plus GST. This is inclusive of resources. For more information, please contact Robyn. There may be a travel surcharge depending on location.

Details of Accredited Centres are listed on Signing Centres.

Once a Centre has completed the program, they are able to host parent workshops. These can be offered as a fundraiser for the Centre.

For Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Professional Development Workshops

If you work as an educator within an organisation, we can facilitate a workshop for your agency. Please contact Robyn for more details.