Baby Sign Language for Organisations

Organisation Workshops for Parents

We now offer a service where we provide workshops for Organisations who in turn, offer the course to their parents and community.

Parents please note that the price for these workshops are set by the organization and may vary depending on funding. This price may be exclusive of resources which will be available for sale on the day.

The Organisation is able to offer the session and fundraise at the same time. For more information please mail Sarah

Here are just a few of the Organisations that regularly host Parent Workshops:

  • Local Parent Centre Committee’s
  • Local Plunket Committee’s
  • REAP
  • Local PlayCentre Parents
  • Parents IncIf you are a member of an organisation that you feel would be interested in holding a workshop, please feel free to pass on our details.

If your baby is cared for by an educator or nanny from within an organization, that organisation is also able to organize parent workshops. For more information, contact Robyn.

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