At Home Workshop – Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies



We take you step by step through the theory and background on Baby Sign Language, and right through all the practical aspects of teaching signs.

The PDF file download contains 16 modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Baby Sign Language?
  3. Why Teach Your Baby To Sign?
  4. Research on Baby Sign Language
  5. Background; Books & Resources
  6. How Babies Acquire Language
  7. Why Do Signing Babies Talk Earlier?
  8. How To Tell When Your Baby Is Ready
  9. First Signs
  10. How to ‘Teach’ A Sign
  11. How To Recognise The Early Signs Of Progress
  12. How Long Does It Take?
  13. Moving On From Beginner Signs
  14. Transition From Signs To Speech
  15. Keeping It Fun
  16. Do’s and Don’ts

Also included is:

  • A printable dictionary containing 140 signs
  • Tips
  • Exercises
  • Points to avoid – and much more!

The material can be printed out so you can study away from your computer.
Learn at your own pace and the staff at Baby Talk are available to answer any queries you may have by email!
NB: This is a Downloadable File. You will be required as part of the purchase process to setup an Account. Once payment is made, you will need to log in using your account details and you will find the files there for you to download. You will need to download this file within six months of purchase.