Signing Centres – Baby Talk® New Zealand Sign Language in the Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Signing CentresThe introduction of Baby Talk® New Zealand into the Early Childhood Education (ECE) environment has been effective and useful for babies, toddlers, teachers and parents alike. Parents often ask for the name of ECEs that practice the use of signing within their curriculum. The ECEs that have completed our program are listed below.

Other ECEs may have learnt signing through a different system and we are unable to comment on their system or how it is implemented.

If your child is at an ECE and the staff would like more information, please mail and we will answer any questions they may have.


Just Kidd Inn

86 Kaurilands Road
Glen Eden

09 8185062

8:00am - 5:00pm

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Founded in 1993, we cater for children from birth to five, with a license for 20 under two’s and 5 over two’s.

The environment is set to invite a homely atmosphere with all the comforts for babies to grow & learn to an optimal level. With the use of Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language this can be done with minimal frustration & maximum communication.

This is the smallest of the three Kidd Inn Centres with warm & friendly surroundings, while providing a curriculum that supports learning and development at an exceptional level. This we find easier to achieve through using Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language.

Just Kidd Inn Too

46 Ambler Ave
Glen Eden

09 8181723

7:30am - 5:00pm

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Founded in 1994, we cater for children from birth to five, with a license for 15 under twos and 20 over two’s.

Our centre has a balance between babies & preschoolers. The babies’ room is set to mimic a homely ambience with a balance of educational resources and activities, while integrating Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language into our curriculum.

Once the children move forth into the over two area, they can expect an environment that enhances learning and development by providing many varied and exciting challenges.

This is done whilst being supported in their own unique way, which is reinforced with the early use of communication due to Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language.

Bayfield Early Education Centre

272 Jervois Road
P O Box 46119
Herne Bay

09 378 8106

09 378 8130

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We promote a balance of child choice and teacher-initiated experiences. This will be achieved through supportive, nurturing teachers and a caring, child-centred environment. In the Nursery (both Pukeko and Tuatara rooms) we encourage the use of Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language. Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language is a collection of simple, easy to remember gestures which hearing babies can use to communicate with you until they master the spoken language

Bay of Plenty:

Greenpark Pre School

106 Argyll Rd

07 5411 717

07 5411 718

8:00am - 5:00pm

At Greenpark Pre School we believe children need to have a sense of belonging; that they are seen as both learners and teachers. The children will be given the opportunity to build on their self – confidence and self – esteem to help them towards being independent thinkers and learners.

One of our ways to support this is through baby sign language. Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language has given us an effective tool to help enhance our communication skills with our infants.

Using Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language has been a fun and exciting journey, the infants have picked up the signs quickly and can communicate effectively with staff letting us know what it is they want, which minimises the child’s frustration levels.

We cater for children aged 0-5 years. We have 45 children per day – 15 Under 2’s (teacher ratio 1:3) and 30 aged 2 to 5 (teacher ratio 1:6).

Regards the team at Green Park

Acorn Quality Childcare Centre

1021 Cameron Road
Gate Pa

07 571 5242

Kia ora, we are Acorn Quality Childcare Centre. We have a maximum of 12 under 2s a day with 3 wonderful and dedicated educators.

We have been signing in our infant and toddler room for the past year and have never looked back. Our pepi have grasped the concept amazingly well along with verbal communication, which they use as another source of communication with our educators about their needs.

Parent / whanau support has been wonderfully received and we love to hear the stories about their children signing at home.

If you would like to come and visit us please phone Caryn or Sarah C

Earlybirds Educare

21 Sala Street

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Earlybirds Educare is an infant/toddler centre that believes in the importance of respecting children’s choices, no matter what age they are. To enhance choice making and communication in the nursery we had a teacher only day where we were instructed in the learning of Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language .

Wow! What a difference this has made in that centre with the babies “asking” for the things they need and kaiako understanding them. We are still learning as are our parents.


Gisborne Hospital Childcare & Education Centre

423 Ormond Road

06 869 0543

Gisborne Hospital Childcare and Education Centre is a non profit organization that has been providing quality care and education to the community of Gisborne for well over twenty years. We are located on the Gisborne Hospital grounds, and cater for families employed by the hospital, and the wider Gisborne community.

We are currently licenced for 34 children with ten of those places for under twos. We provide an environment that fosters self esteem, social opportunities and a programme where learning opportunities are directed by the children’s interests. We provide a challenging and fun environment where children and adults feel inspired and empowered to learn.

The foundation of our philosophy is that each child brings with them a ‘community of learners’ – their family, whanau, and wider community. We recognize the importance and value of whanau involvement which strengthens the connection of whanaungatanga.


Nancy Winter Centre

75 Grey Street

Sheena Frederick - Head Teacher

06 385 4455

The Nancy Winter Centre is sited next to the Raetihi School and is licenced for 10 under 2’s and 40 over 2’s. The centre is run by a trust and is not for profit and community based. We employ 10 teachers and for of those are in training.

We are in a brand new, purpose built building and have been open for three years.

Ukidz Early Education Centre

Cnr Grey & Amesbury Sts
Palmerston North

06 952 7096

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We have been using Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language with our children for about 1 1/2 years. We have noticed a huge decrease in frustration levels for teachers, parents, and children. Most of our children are signing many different signs in a sentence. We would definitely recommend sign language for babies to others. Please feel free to contact anyone at the Centre regarding Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language .

At Ukidz we believe that children deserve the highest education and care. We endeavour to provide opportunities that encourage children to learn and develop holistically, and at their own individual pace.

Ukidz curriculum facilitation will be based upon children’s strengths, interests and areas for development as well as the Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki.

Turitea Childcare Centre

Ag Research Grasslands
Dairy Farm Road (off Tennant Drive)
Palmerston North

06 355 0528

We are a community-based childcare centre situated in a country setting at the Fitzherbert Science Centres in Palmerston North.

Our aim is to create a learning environment where children’s thinking is extended with guidance and support, where they can make decisions and be listened to and work alongside others and with others, and where the child’s learning is able to be linked to their home environment.

Our programmes are based on the development of trusting relationships and respect between the teacher and the child’s family/wh?nau. We believe that it is through these relationships, children become secure, encouraging them to be curious, competent life-long learners who are empowered with the skills towards forming positive relationships for life. We have been using Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language as a tool in our Centre for the past six months with all of our children, as a way of supporting this.

Our teachers, children and parents are learning a new tool for communicating together.


Golden Kids Inc Early Learning Centre

88 Commercial St
Takaka 7110
Golden Bay

Nicki Cottle - Under 2's Teacher

03 525 9059

03 525 9059

At Golden Kids, we build strong, respectful , reciprocal relationships with our children. Learning Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language as a team and introducing the sign language to our children from our Sunflower Room (under 2’s) to the Stars (2-3.5 year olds) and the Rockets (3.5-5 year olds) allows us to gain a better understanding of our children’s needs.

They are able to communicate with us and we are able to understand.

Our children have really absorbed Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language over the last 3 months and have begun to say more words as we always reaffirm the sign with the word; they really attempt to say the words. Truly awesome! There is less frustration and confusion, as we understand our children.

Thanks to Jo (our coach) and Baby Talk® New Zealand


5 Chelsea Ave

Lynda Richards

03 544 1106

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BabySpace specializes in providing care and education for children aged 6 months to 3 years. We are licensed for 18 children and proud of the quality care we provide.

We place emphasis and value in the relationships we develop with the children, one of the main components of this is communication. The use of Baby Talk® Baby Sign enhances the relationship by allowing us to communicate, listen and respond to the children’s needs while the lack of frustration creates a much calmer environment.

We invite you to come and visit us.


Molyneux Educare Inc

17 Molyneux Ave

Beth Phelps

03 445 0632

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Childspace Ngaio Infants and Toddlers

9 Tarikaka Street

Gemma Rudd

04 4790320

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Our infant and toddler centre is in an attractive railway cottage. Our mission is to offer a nurturing, flexible and peaceful environment. The centre is licensed for twenty-five children under two, offering full time education and care.

Our centre is set in attractive and natural surroundings which have been enhanced by the use of driftwood, mosaics and a native garden.

We have been using Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language in our centre since early 2007. We really enjoy using sign with our children as it supports our philosophy of respect for young children. We really enjoy being able to respond to children’s cues more easily and understanding what they need at what times of the day.

Communication is the key!

Sand Dunes Early Learning Centre

5 Northpoint Street

04 2338839

We are a locally owned and operated early learning centre in Plimmerton.

We provide quality education and care through a stimulating, resourceful & empowering environment. We have high staff-child ratios, passionate and qualified staff and a holistic approach to developing the whole child based on respectful and reciprocal relationships.

We implemented Baby Talk® Baby Sign Language in November 2007