What is Baby Talk® – Sign Language for Hearing Babies

young baby

From a very young age, our children can tell us a lot more than you would believe. Can you imagine your baby telling you ‘I want more milk’, or ‘I’m in pain’ with out uttering a word? Baby Sign Language is all about using simple gestures with your hearing child to allow you to communicate long before they have mastered the intricacies of speech.

Baby Talk was set up in February 2002 in order to provide parents in New Zealand with Baby Sign Language resources and support.

Baby Talk New Zealand currently offers workshops around the Country as well as the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Baby Talk, or Baby Sign Language, can be more clearly defined as teaching the symbols of sign language as opposed to the structure of New Zealand Sign Language.

It can be best described as being a stepping stone for language – in the same way that crawling is to walking.

Babies naturally resort to using their body language, facial expressions, noises, cries and gestures in order to communicate with you. Baby Sign Language is just an extension on what your baby can already do. Look at how easily babies learn to wave ‘goodbye’ and how much they love action songs. By introducing a few simple signs, your baby will be able to tell you what she or he is thinking about or needing.

By having this wonderful resource at your fingertips you and your baby are able to have meaningful conversations you would have missed out on if you had waited until they were able to talk.

Studies have shown that babies aged between 6 and 30 months benefit the most from using Baby Sign Language. Children learning English as a second language and speech delayed children have also benefited.

In summary, Baby Sign Language fills the communication gap until your baby has mastered the spoken language.